Here’s why the Alpha Mind System could be the last
mind-body-spirit tool you’ll ever need...

Imagine quickly & easily supercharging your life with all of the world’s most effective peak performance technologies... just by following one definitive system

Based on the work of leading scientists, consciousness experts, doctors & musicians, The Alpha Mind System elevates you to your peak state with a one-stop fusion of only the best mind-body-spirit tools - from meditation and brain entrainment, to hypnosis and advanced visualization...

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A message from Niraj Naik, founder of the Alpha Mind System...

If you're looking for a personal breakthrough, you may have come to the right place.

But if you're looking for a deep and lasting personal breakthrough, delivered through proven scientific principles, then what you're about to discover is absolutely for you.

I am a qualified pharmacist and a peak performance enthusiast. Throughout my career I've dealt with countless patients, examined numerous research papers... and interviewed dozens of experts on the subjects of meditative and peak physical, mental and spiritual states…

And in this time, I've curated the work of some of the world's leading holistic wellbeing experts... to create a scientifically sound system for unlocking anyone's highest potential - including YOURS.

Now, the fact that you’ve found this page shows you already realize your mind is your greatest asset.

And I'm positive you can sense there’s an untapped potential hidden deep within you - which you’ve so far been unable to fully access.

But if you’re still unsatisfied with your career or finances... or if you’re struggling with recurring stress, sleep, health or relationship challenges... or if you’re somehow spiritually or professionally stuck in a rut, then just remember:

You're going to need the right tools to build a solid bridge towards the life you want. Engineered using the right kind of clinically proven, time-tested mind science. By the right people, with the right credentials.

Imagine having an easy-to-follow collection of scientifically proven techniques that will systematically rewire your brain within a number of mere days...

So that your mind starts functioning - and keeps on functioning - at its optimum level.

Imagine this process being so enjoyable, so immersive and so effective... that you’re able to meditate like a yogi, and boost your creativity, relaxation, intuition, self-image and capacity for healing... even if you’re a complete beginner to mind empowerment.

Imagine the technology that powers it being so intuitive... that it allows you to lower your brainwaves to the Alpha level as easily as turning a knob on your stereo.

And because this process is developed by a group of scientific & medical professionals... Imagine it giving you profound and lasting results in ANY area of your life.

Our team of professionals have taken all those imagines... and engineered what we believe is the pinnacle of all holistic wellbeing technology available today.

We call it the Alpha Mind System. And we’re incredibly grateful that since its launch in 2010, thousands upon thousands worldwide are now using it to flick on the peak potential switch in their minds... and achieve, experience and acquire things they’d otherwise call “impossible”.

Here’s just some of the feedback our community shares with us every day:

Madonna and Coldplay’s celebrity yoga instructor, James D’Silva, calls our music “world class & wonderful” - and has asked us to use it in his own DVDs.

And here’s just a tiny sample of the emails and
Facebook messages we’ve been getting:

At this very moment, people from all walks of life - from high-flying entrepreneurs and wellness centres, to housewives, US Marines and Disc Jockeys - are using the Alpha Mind System to:

Evaporate stress and negativity, and plunge into a state of exquisite relaxation of beach holiday-like proportions... without popping a single pill or buying a single flight ticket...

Dramatically reduce, or sometimes outright heal physical or emotional pain caused by illness or accidents, and even boost their immune system - again with no medication or surgery...

Finally break free from bad habits like smoking, snacking and procrastinating... without the agonizing inner struggles and endless relapses most people go through...

Savor the deepest, most restful sleep of their lives... and finally know what it feels like to be one of those “lucky” people who falls asleep the moment their head hits the pillow...

Strengthen their wealth mindset, so they can finally afford the nice things they’ve always wanted, spend and invest without guilt, and gain an “instinct” for the financial opportunities hidden in plain sight...

Greatly magnify their intuition and memory, and stun co-workers & loved ones with fresh new ideas, insights and peak performance at work and at home...

Amplify their creative functioning, to the point where they’re writing, drawing and crafting impressive works of art... and solving problems others would call “impossible”...

Achieve razor-sharp focus & productivity throughout the day, and get more things done... from the second they jump out of bed, to the moment they drift into sleep....

Build unbreakable empathy with their partners as easily as flicking on a light switch - so they can enjoy better communication, less arguments, and deeper, more exhilarating sex...

Become inspiring role models to their kids, spouses, friends and peers - by living life to the fullest, and constantly improving themselves...

And even live in a state of spiritual wholeness and self-assuredness, so they always feel connected to the people and places surrounding them, their unique purpose in life, and to their “higher selves”.

Why do thousands of people from countless walks
of life rely on the Alpha Mind System?

Because we’re committed to applying only the best elements of today’s most
effective mind-body tools and technologies... into one easy-to-follow
process designed to awaken anyone’s full human potential

So when you use the Alpha Mind System, what you’re really getting is...

  • The soothing, mind-expanding, spiritual effects of deep meditation
  • The simple and gentle, yet surprisingly effective dietary and lifestyle wisdom of Ayurveda and Optimum Nutrition
  • The self-image & confidence-boosting effects of affirmations & visualizations in the form of Scientific Prayers
  • The prosperity, success & fulfillment that comes with mastering the Law of Attraction
  • The reduction of pain, and the physical & emotional wellbeing brought on by Quantum Healing & mind-body healing

My story: how an ordeal with a mega corporation and
a chronic illness helped me discover my inner power

It’s important that you take a moment to listen to my story. So you know exactly where I’m coming from and how I can help you.

You see, many years ago I was a successful music promoter... until I got sucked into the rockstar lifestyle and ended up waist-high in debt..

Then, I was forced into a soul destroying profession as a practicing pharmacist... until I got tired of Big Pharma’s greed and the disgusting effects many drugs had on people.

Even back then I could already sense something was wrong my life... So I began my journey of learning about natural ways to prevent and cure illness rather than just treat symptoms like drugs do.

My biggest defining moment only came in 2010, when I had worked my way up to becoming a health & wellness consultant in a huge Euro grocery chain.

What happened was, I came up with an idea for an innovative ‘healthy shopping list’ based on a lot of success I was having with my own patients in the pharmacy:

The idea was for a handout every customer would get based on their health conditions that would help them buy healthy food instead of the nasty processed stuff, with links to simple exercise routines they could do from home.

I loved the prospect of actually helping people get healthier, rather than going home with bigger bags filled with drugs.

I worked on this project for several sleepless months and took it to our director.

After leafing through it for a few minutes, he gave me the green light and told me he loved it. I was thrilled! So I started planning the launch of the first issue, when just days later I got some bad news:

It seemed the company decided to pull the plug on the whole project, because they didn’t want to lose millions of dollars in junk food sales!

This incident may not sound like much to some... but it reminded me how easy it is for us to be blinded to the truth - just because someone else wants to line their pockets.

I had seen the same thing happen in the music industry. In the pharmaceutical industry. And now I was seeing it in retail.

I grew more and more unhappy and stressed out with my life path... until eventually I developed a chronic illness called ulcerative colitis.

The agony was so unbearable, I couldn’t leave my house for 10 months. My career, body and bank account were broken. I even lost my girlfriend.

And the only thing conventional medicine gave me was nasty side effects.

Soon, it dawned on me that the only way to transform
my health and career... was to look way outside the box

That’s when I decided to explore the mysterious and controversial world of mind science.

I began reading the works of pioneers like Dr Joseph Murphy and Napoleon Hill. I studied under a world renowned meditation and yoga guru. I experimented with mind-altering brainwave music. I even dived into fields like self hypnosis and scientific prayers.

And when I saw the solid proof behind these tools... learned of the hundreds of thousands of people changing their lives with them... and when I began feeling the pain melt away from me with ZERO side effects...

Well that’s when I realized there’s nothing ‘fringe’ or ‘alternative’ or ‘kooky’ about any of it.

And the only reason so many people are missing out on the benefits... is simply because hardly anyone is showing them how to do it right!

You have helped my own evolution so much from the Alpha Mind System membership. Amazing shifts in realty for me, increased psychic events, deeper relationships, completely stopped using anti depressants that I was on for 15 years. I feel like I am healing internally. Thank you sweet friends. You have helped me feel peaceful thus I in turn can help others feel peaceful.
Paula Botwinick, Member
“I am still moving in this wonderful energy. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity in this life to experience what I have been longing for since I was a child,”
Elga Konietzny, Member

It was this realization that inspired me to seek out some of the world’s leading meditation and mind science experts... and uncover the whole TRUTH about the human mind’s hidden potential

The next few years were an insane roller coaster ride for me. I was broke. I couldn’t go back to any of my old jobs. I was living on a friend’s couch.

Yet despite these setbacks, I was committed to hounding, and securing appointments with busy leading doctors. Scientists. Brainwave experts. Sound engineers. Even musicians and spiritual leaders. Anyone who could show me more about this exciting field I had stumbled on, including...

  • Dr. Mrigank Mishra:
    a Consultant Psychiatrist with a special interest in peak performance and the holistic treatment of mental illness. Also the co-producer in music production outfit, amAya.

  • Dr S.S. Surenthiran:
    a Neuro-otologist & hypnotherapist who helps people manage stress, weight loss, anxiety and pain through powerful psychotherapeutic processes and guided meditations.

  • Dr. Kevin Chen:
    an associate professor at the Center for Integrative Medicine and Department of Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine. One of the few scientists in the U.S. with both hands-on knowledge of mind-body practice, and an active research career in mind-body medicine.

  • Swami Ambikananda Saraswati:
    a veteran Yoga teacher, acupuncturist, author and herbalist specializing in breathwork. She runs ‘Conscious Breathing’ workshops across Europe to help indiviudals master the subtle art of breathing with intention.

My purpose for seeking out these experts was to harness their expertise in creating a unified system... that would put together, like a jigsaw puzzle, a powerful roadmap ANYONE can use to awaken their inner potential.

Quickly. Easily. Enjoyably. And with nothing but the sheer power of the mind.

After seven years of tireless research, trial & error and late-night meetings...the Alpha Mind System was born.

Now let me show you exactly how it works...

If your mind was a car, the Alpha Mind System would be an expert mechanic who opens up its hood, and fine tunes every moving part for peak performance

At the core of this process is your brainwaves. As you may already know, your brainwave frequencies shift throughout the day depending on what you’re doing and feeling:

BrainwaveFrequencyWhen it happensEffects
Beta14 - 30 hzDefault waking state e.g. at work, doing choresConscious thoughts, stress, pressure, engagement
Alpha9 - 13 hzPre-sleep, meditation, relaxation, day dreamingRelaxation, intuition, creativity, inspiration, healing
Theta4 - 8 hzDreaming sleep, deep meditationAccess to subconscious, heightened memory & creativity
Delta1 - 3 hzDeep dreamless sleepUnconsciousness, deepest sleep

People who meditate know that Alpha and Theta level
brainwaves are the doorway to their highest potential

And yet we spend so few of our waking moments in this state!

If you’re like billions of people today, your Delta brainwave sleep is interrupted every morning by a blaring alarm.

Then you feel the stress and pressure pile on as you prepare for the long the day ahead by reading the news. Checking your phone and email. And bracing yourself for the heavy traffic.

At this point, your brainwaves shift to Beta - which you spend the rest of the day in as you frantically juggle work, chores and responsibilities... wolf down your lunch... and fight off midday drowsiness.

And when it’s all over, you finally collapse on your bed, exhausted, as you drift back into Delta.

Most of us today simply don’t have the time to relax... look inwards... and reconnect with the deepest, most natural parts of ourselves.

Do you drink a cup of coffee or tea every morning?

It’s good to remember that caffeine suppresses Alpha and Theta brainwave activity... and keeps you in Beta for most of the day.

This is how your stressful modern life has deprived you of your full human potential: by sucking you into a vicious cycle of extremely high & low brainwave activity!

And this, my friend, is the root cause of most of the problems you face in life.

It’s because your brain is unable to access those optimal Alpha and Theta sweet spots... where your fullest capacity for creativity, intuition, relaxation and healing lies in wait.

It’s no wonder that stress-related diseases like diabetes, heart disease, depression and cancer have shot through the roof... and that so many people are stuck in unfulfilling careers & lifestyles.

By now, the answer should be clear: you must escape this cycle. By reclaiming Alpha and Theta brainwaves as a natural part of your daily life.

And with these 4 custom-made technologies found in the Alpha Mind System, you’ll be tuning your mind for peak performance in record time...

The benefit of working with scientists & medical experts is we’ve been able to research & develop our own technologies... that solve many of the shortcomings in other existing meditation and mind enhancement solutions.

For instance, many other ‘solutions’ out there may give you tools or technology that...

  • boring or unpleasant to use,
  • too advanced and difficult to figure out,
  • ...delivers no results, or erratic results,
  • ...takes too long to produce meaningful results,
  • ...or that gives you a temporary high, but no lasting results.

The Alpha Mind System catapults you above these common obstacles with 4 technologies:

1. Trypnaural Alpha Wave Technology for quicklyentering (and staying in) the Alpha Level

Trypnaural technology is a form of mind-enhancing audio technology we’ve designed as a far superior upgrade to the outdated binaural beats technology you’ll find in other similar programs.

The difference lies in the characteristics of the tones. Binaural beats work by raising and lowering your brainwaves, and tuning them into the desired frequency. Headphones are required, and the process is often slow and inconsistent.

Trypnaural, however, uses isochronic tones that increase in pulse speed... synchronize your brain with the rhythm... and guide you into the Alpha level as quickly and effortlessly as a spoon into honey.

What this means is you’ll no longer waste hours struggling to get into the Alpha level. Or enduring the frustration of snapping out of it the moment you get restless.

All you need to do is listen to one of our specially engineered audios, press play, and let the soothing sounds do the work for you.

The response to our Trypnaural technology has been so positive, that many reputable spas, clinics, meditation retreats and even animal therapists have requested our permission to use it in their practice.

The Alpha Mind System may boost some of your body’s important chemicals:

+ Melatonin for deep, natural sleep

Researchers have found that the hormone melatonin helps you sleep soundly at night. Unfortunately, melatonin levels have been shown to drop as we age - which is why many older adults have sleep problems. The doctors’ solution? Expensive melatonin supplements. Our solution? The Alpha Mind System and the meditative state it helps you achieve.

+ Serotonin for a sense of joy and happiness

Serotonin lifts your mood, calms anxiety and relieves depression. On the flip side, studies show that a lack of serotonin causes depression. The meditative state has been shown to increase serotonin levels. This is why The Alpha Mind System can be a great complement to the traditional treatments available today.

+ DHEA for protection against stress

DHEA gives you protection against stress-related hormones like cortisol. In fact, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that just a tiny increase of DHEA in blood levels reduces the chances of dying from heart disease by 48%. It has been shown that the brainwaves produced in the meditative state can increase levels of DHEA. The Alpha Mind System help you quickly and easily get into that state of mind.

2. Self-hypnosis technology for diamond-sharp focus

One of the biggest reasons people can’t meditate and guide themselves into the Alpha level is because they’re constantly tripped up by mental chatter and lack of focus.

If you have tried to meditate, you’re probably very familiar with this scenario: you could be sitting down in your room, with your curtains drawn and your door closed, all ready to bliss out...

When your mind starts to wander and you begin to recall, the things you still have not done. And what your friend told you on the phone last night. And a hundred other trivial things that may bubble up in your restless mind.

Before you know it, an hour has passed - and all these distractions have stopped you from getting anywhere close to the Alpha level.

The Alpha Mind System, by giving you professionally recorded and powerful hypnotic vocals, anchored to your breathing, helps you easily and effortlessly quieten your restless and noisy mind to enter the Alpha state.

The result? You become programmed on a subconscious level to enter a deeper state of mind - between one breath and the next.

3. Alpha Wave Music for the ultimate chill-out experience

One of the things we dislike most about traditional brain entrainment audios... is how jarring most of them sound.

Some will tell you these jarring sounds are necessary for lowering your brainwaves to the desired state.

But our brainwave experts and musicians beg to differ. In fact our experience shows that you’ll drift into the Alpha state faster and easier with our radically different Alpha Wave Music: a special blend of soothing instrumentals, synths and natural sounds which are easy on the ear and mind.

And it’s not just about sounding good... because these audio elements are actually expertly arranged to mimic Alpha and Theta level brainwave patterns. Which means your mind enters Alpha and Theta more quickly and efficiently than ever before - all in a manner that’s as pleasurable as listening to your favorite chill out music on the beach.

Space-age technology. Inspired by the ancients.

Ancient civilizations were masters of rhythmic chanting or singing aimed at elevating their state of consciousness. They used hymns, prayers, chants and mantras.

Great minds like Pythagoras and Plato have observed how these ancient people could find notes that would resonate in their heart and mind... to stimulate a mind-enhancing healing and spiritual response.

Our goal with the Alpha Mind System is to merge modern brainwave entrainment technology... with the heart-based, spiritual approach used by ancient peoples to achieve higher states of consciousness.

Alpha Mind System users who experience Alpha Wave Music for the first time often tell us the same thing… they’ve never heard or felt anything quite like it before. And we’d like to think the ancients have something to do with that.

4. Hypno-Fractal Video Imagery for igniting your senses

If you just like to focus on visuals before drifting into the Alpha state... you’ll love the proprietary Hypno-Fractal Video Imagery we’ve infused into selected audio sessions in the Alpha Mind System.

Using the principles of photosonic therapy as a basis, this visual meditation aid uses repetitive, morphing fractal animations to help you focus, get in the mood, and dive into a deeper state of mind faster than ever before.

How imagery gives you a buttery smooth mind trip

In 1940, British neuroscientist W. Gray Walter used an electronic strobe and advanced EEG equipment to investigate what was known as the “flicker phenomenon” - which observed that rhythmic flashing lights are able to significantly alter brainwave activity.

What he found was that specific images displayed in a specific pattern were able to break down certain physiologic barriers between different regions of the brain... and produce trance-like states of relaxation and vivid mental imagery like comets, ultra-unearthly colors and even elaborate geometric constructions of incredible intricacy.

Follow-up research in the 60’s and 70’s even found that these effects extended to increased IQ scores and enhanced intellectual functioning.

The Hypno-Fractal Video Imagery in the Alpha Mind System is our implementation of this phenomenon. And as you’ll see, we’ve even improved on this process by engineered visuals that give you the same results if not better, without the uncomfortable flickerings of the earlier versions.

Why you (and the people around you) will be amazed when you
start applying these 4 technologies in your life...

The beauty of the Alpha Mind System is that it treats your mind like a muscle:

The more you train with it, the stronger it gets.

Within minutes of using the Alpha Mind System, many people often report instant subtle results - like a better mood, heightened energy or even a minor epiphany.

Within days, they’re performing better at work, enjoying blissful sleep, connecting more deeply with others and feeling healthier and stronger than ever.

And within weeks, they’re moving towards life goals they never thought possible - like getting massive raises or promotions at work, finding lucrative new financial opportunities, and even completely eliminating pain or sleeping/stress disorders.

“hi there just wanted to share something with you – i have a 7 month old son who absolutely refuses to sleep well at night … finally i tried putting some of your music on , whilst he was in a drowsy state … believe it or not – he had the best night sleep ever ! – coincedence , maybe , but then we tried it for 4 nights continously and every night it worked. guys there may be something in this. Not only does he sleep much better when we play this but hes very alert and happy the next day ! thank you”
Dr R Singh
I have P.T.S.D .from traning the troops God Bless them all.I had a bad fall shall i say with ther help of corse. I had brokening bouth wrists and thay missd up my left knee my right knee was all deady hurt but as a result its a lot wors know i need 2 todel knee replasments iam also dexlik so sorry for the spelling aftr lising to this i fell less stress iam not angery i fell at peace and centerd and vary light.thank u i will buy this am happy for the first time in 2 years
Elizabeth, USA
Being in the Army I have endured the hardest stress of my life. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in everyone else around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Even just last night I fell asleep listening to Trypnaural meditations and was forced to awaken feeling different parts of my brain opening, and parts I have never felt before! So I know I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to! So thanks Trypnaural!
Johnny Allen, USA Army

Now, put the Alpha Mind System to the test and create your own success story...

Trusted by thousands worldwide,The Alpha Mind System is our flagship multimedia training program that reprograms and fine tunes your mind... with a clinically proven, step-by-step process that draws from today’s most potent mind-body-spirit technologies.

The Alpha Mind System is spread out across 7 ‘levels’: each designed to build on the other, as it systematically programs you to overcome any personal challenge - and elevates your mind to a state of peak performance.

What you’ll experience in the 7 levels of the Alpha Mind System:
Level 1 of 7: Opening your mind to the Alpha level

This is the starting point of your journey. Sit back and relax as we guide you through your very first Alpha Mind System meditation exercise - along with a host of essential tips and tools to build a strong foundation for your mind enhancement practice. Even from here, you’ll already start to feel what makes this system different from anything else out there.

In this level you will...

  • Experience a simple, quick and effective Alpha Mind exercise for banishing stress and breathing into a state of deep, restful relaxation.
  • Receive an essential 11-minute initiation lesson designed to bring your mind into a state of allowing and focus throughout the program.
  • Experience an advanced breathwork exercise known as the Extended Exhalation that switches off your stress and guides you into an instant Alpha state of relaxation. Presented by meditation expert Swami Ambikananda and expanded on by Qi-Gong master and research scientist Dr. Kevin Chen.
  • Read Unlock the Power of Your Alpha Mind: a detailed ebook that explains more of my story, the science behind the Alpha Mind System, and how to create lasting change in yourself - long after you’ve completed the program.

Level 2 of 7: Entering the Alpha level at will

Now that you’ve spent some time in the Alpha level, it’s time to master the art of entering this state of deep relaxation as quickly and easily as snapping your fingers - even if you’re stressed or distracted. The key, as you’ll soon see, lies in programming your subconscious. And the outcome? Never again struggling, falling asleep or snapping out of the Alpha level.

In this level you will...

  • Get submerged in an immersive 30-minute subconscious programming session that trains your mind to slide into Alpha whenever and wherever you choose to (eventually you’ll be able to do this even in the middle of a meeting, or a loud room).
  • Join Dr. Kevin Chen and Dr. Delia Chiaramonte as they help you master the clinically proven method of Mindfulness Meditation for becoming blissfully mindful in the present, detaching from distracting thoughts and emotions, and breaking free from worries of the future and disappointments of the past.

Level 3 of 7: How to create your ideal reality with the Alpha level

The Alpha level is now a powerful tool at your disposal. But what will you do with it? Here we’ll focus on using mental imagery and visualizations to harness the full potential of Alpha, and channel it into any area of life you choose. This is a crucial level that empowers you to take action, so you’re never again stuck with a problem that a little more mind power could solve.

In this level you will...

  • Experience a Destiny Creation meditation exercise that conditions your subconscious mind to visualize crystal-clear positive outcomes - and shift those visualizations into your reality. Perfect for whenever you need that extra push to solve a tricky problem at work or at home, or hit that hard-to-reach goal.
  • Learn the 3-step Alpha Mind System Manifestation Process. This simple yet effective process trains you to flood your subconscious with vivid feelings and images of the things you want to attract - from a healthier body to a bigger house to a loving partner - and manifest them in real time.
  • Elevate your state of consciousness and connect with your ‘higher self’ with the Scientific AUM meditation - a form of ancient technology that stimulates your pineal gland and boosts your inspiration & creativity for peak inner and outer performance.

Level 4 of 7: Subliminal mind reprogramming for healing, success & confidence

Inspired by the findings of Dr. Joseph Murphy, this level guides you through three 60-minute Trypnaural subliminal programming sessions, each for elevating a crucial area of your life. If your mind was a computer, think of this level as an antivirus software that doesn’t just remove the bad programs - it replaces them with good ones that change the way you act, think and perform.

In this level you will...

  • Trigger a quantum shift in your mind and body’s physiology with the Trypnaural Subliminal Healing session. This session was a cornerstone in helping me recover from my chronic illness - and it will also help you alleviate pain, boost your energy & immune system, and program you to make healthier lifestyle choice on autopilot.
  • Rewire your limiting negative belief patterns and prime yourself for confidence & positive outcomes with the Trypnaural Subliminal Success session. Just relax, let the embedded subliminal mantras get to work on your mind, and take note of how success and opportunities begin gravitating towards you with unstoppable momentum.
  • Fix every crack in your self-image and skyrocket your confidence with the Trypnaural Subliminal Confidence session. Isochronic tones, atmospheric music and powerful statements are combined to give you the perfect solution whenever you need a boost of personal power just before a crucial meeting, presentation, decision, or even a date.

Level 5 of 7: Scientific Prayers & how to create your own mind enhancement tools for your own specific outcomes

Now it’s time to remove your training wheels, and fuse everything you’ve learned into one solid action plan for empowering your mind & living your greatest life. Use the included Trypnaural Ultra templates to create your own affirmations for your own personal goals, and learn how to use ‘Scientific Prayers’ to talk your subconscious into fighting for you instead of against you.

In this level you will...

  • Gain the ability to almost effortlessly overcome bad habits - like smoking, procrastination or snacking -, improve the quality of your thoughts, and develop an upliftingly healthy self image by using the Scientific Prayers PDF guidebook to achieve inner peace and empowerment (you can even combine them with your meditations for better results).
  • Choose your favorites from a selection of 9 blissfully soothing Trypnaural Ultra meditation audio tracks. Each track is infused with its own audible ‘soul’, and is expertly engineered to give you transformational results when used with your own personal affirmations and visualizations.

    1. Paradise Spa Trypnaural Short
    2. Paradise Spa Trypnaural 30 mins Stress Reduction
    3. Trypnaural Subliminal Healing
    4. Inner Womb Resonance
    5. Deep Delta Sleep with Mother’s Heartbeat
    6. Alpha Waves Healing Bliss
    7. Trypnaural Mind Ascension
    8. Trypnaural Serotonin Sunrise
    9. Trypnaural Inner Dawn

Level 6 of 7: Living an Alpha lifestyle & aligning with the planet’s heartbeat

Once you’ve mastered the science of harnessing the Alpha level while meditating, it’s time to open the floodgates to reaping its benefits during your normal waking hours too. In this level you’ll gain small lifestyle tweaks that leave a big impact - like alpha wave producing food, supplements, exercise and Chakra-strengthening techniques. Plus you’ll learn a fascinating truth about the earth’s vibrations, and how aligning yourself with them can spark surprising effects in your wellbeing.

In this level you will...

  • Uncover what the world’s longest living cultures know about not just living to 80, 90, even 100 years - but enjoying a sublime, pain-free, energetic quality of life all the way. The key lies in a good diet, exercise, and one more factor that you’ll probably never guess...
  • Get the last diet, detox and cleansing advice you’ll ever need in The Pure Balance Program: a PDF book that brings together everything I know about nutrition as a qualified pharmacist (includes an easy recipe for my all-time favorite ultra nutritious Green Drink).
  • Discover easy, fun, practical ways to induce the Alpha level in your daily life - including through practicing yoga, sweating in a sauna, through one specific type of tea, and a life-savingly potent supplement that starts with a ‘c’.
  • Immerse yourself in a 60-minute Trypnaural Chakra Awakening session for instantly invigorating your energy centers, and removing any blockages that too often leave you burdened by stress, fatigue, negativity and sleep problems (includes a Relaxation & Breathing PDF book by Swami Ambikananda for optimal results).
  • Experience a 30-minute Oneness Resonance Pulse Audio that aligns your vibrations with the earth’s ‘heartbeat’, known as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency is a favorite among mystics seeking a higher state of awareness, and even people seeking relief from chronic pain, due to its soothing, fast, consistent effect on the mind and body.

Level 7 of 7: Ultra Manifestation & Advanced Theta tools for supercharged results

Some people aren’t satisfied with good results, they want life-altering ones. If this describes you, this final level is essential. You’ll learn advanced mind empowerment skills like how to go from Alpha to the even deeper Theta level, where otherwise inaccessible abilities reside. Plus you’ll experience exercises designed to activate your pineal gland, which is also known as “the seat of your soul”.

In this level you will...

  • Listen to an Advanced Alpha and Deep Theta Trypnaural Meditation audio, engineered to take you, step-by-step, from waking consciousness, to Alpha, and finally Theta. At this level, accessible only to advanced meditators and consciousness explorers, you’ll gain the ability to relax at an even deeper level, tap into awe-inspiring creative & intuitive ideas, and even experience lucid dreams.
  • Use the powerful Ultra Manifestation Meditation audio to bathe you in a sensation of oneness, serenity and bliss known as universal consciousness. This is an incredibly effective way to enter a state of flow and allowing, where the world seems to shift around you and conspire in favor of your desires.

Great For The Whole Family To Enjoy Too.

Meditation is great for everyone, not just us stressed out adults. Kids need to relax too.

Many studies have shown how children’s behavior improves when they are taught how to meditate.

ADHD & ADD can be controlled without medication when a child learns to meditate.

Our suggestion? Share the Alpha Mind System with your children and family members, and give them the gift of peak performance too.

Featuring The Beautiful Music Of amAya


amAya’s sublime and unique style of music has been gaining incredible popularity, with their music being used in therapy centres, yoga studios and health spa’s all around the world.




Their music has also been featured as the soundtrack to Madonna, Sting and Coldplay’s personal yoga trainer, James D’Silva’s first DVD.

amAya is a collaboration between Niraj Naik and Dr Mrigank Mishra, both with an expertise in crafting exquisite sounds and music with a healing touch.



The Alpha Mind System: your loyal lifelong sidekick.

Life will always be full of ups and downs. That’s why we’ve designed the Alpha Mind System to be far more than a disposable course that you use once and forget about.

Instead, think of it like a handy toolkit that you can reach into at any time... and pull out the perfect tool whenever you need the upper hand over life. For instance...

  • If you’re trying to manifest something, someone, or a specific outcome, get into an instant state of allowing and amplify your personal power with the 3-step Manifestation Process in Level 3.
  • If you’re struggling with an illness, discomfort or physical/emotional pain, take a time out, amplify your immune system, and heal the natural way with the Subliminal Healing session in Level 4.
  • If you need an extra dose of confidence, focus and inspiration so you can wow everyone at that big meeting (or just that special someone at a date)... a quick listen of the Subliminal Confidence session in Level 4 will help you put your best foot forward.
  • If you’re working out a tricky problem at work or in your private life, or if you’re about to make a big financial decision, you can easily boost your problem solving skills and money mindset with the Subliminal Success session in Level 4.
  • If you can’t sleep or need a dose of blissful relaxation after a stressful day, just press play on the Alpha Wave Music sessions in Level 5 to melt into your zen zone in minutes.
  • If you’re itching to finally kick a bad habit like smoking or snacking, use the Scientific Prayers tool in Level 5 to program your mind on a subconscious level to almost effortlessly replace your bad habit with new a good one.
  • If you’re feeling ‘out of it’ and need to re-balance your energy centers (a.k.a. Chakras), try following the instructions in the Chakra Awakening session in Level 6.
  • If you feel the need to connect with your spiritual side and gain a sense of oneness with your surroundings, the Third Eye Meditation in Level 7 will slowly but surely elevate you to a heightened state of consciousness.
When doing anything throughout any part of your day, your personal soundtrack is being created, all around you. Exchanging energies with all whom you meet, and all things you discover or have known forever. To be able to capture those feelings and energies, and incorporate them into one of the most influential medias there is, that is pure talent. Music allows us to release the binds and restrictions we’ve created for ourselves, and grow into something more… What we really have the potential to be, which is what we already are and have lost sight of over centuries and centuries.
Alchemy Sounds sets the foundation, the mindset, for these wonderful realizations to occur; and at the very least, helps you to relax and clear out all that fogs your thought daily, allowing you to feel the peace within yourself, and within all things. I am a true believer in this, for I experience it daily. It has been a wonder to get to know amAya, and an honor to share such beautiful passions with him, the love of music, and the love of life in all of its’ glory.
Unlock the world around you with the greatest soundtrack ever created… Your very own, presented through the music created by someone who shares the same outlook on this wonderful world as we all do.”
I feel in bliss, oh my god, pure energy, im pouring out love”
Archan Nair &
Love this, extraordinary..this piece is the one I resonate with the most from all the samples you have sent me.”
Victoria Siminoux

Peak performance, whenever and wherever you want it

Whether you prefer learning on your bed or on the Metro, the Alpha Mind System adapts to your lifestyle.

Just stream the audios and videos from your private membership site - or download them onto your computer to use them without an internet connection.

You can even load them onto your portable Apple, Android or Windows media device and use them on the go.

(Just remember not to use the meditation tracks when you’re driving or operating heavy machinery, because they’ll take you to a deeper state of mind within moments.)

And because we’re committed to quality, we’ve even formatted each professionally recorded audio and video session to play and display beautifully on virtually any device - so your tracks not only look and sound good, but they’re automatically sorted properly.

We appreciate how busy you are. That’s why we’ve designed a learning experience that adapts to your hectic schedule

Every single person in the Alpha Mind System team is a busy professional. Which is why we completely understand the need not just for a solution that works... but that doesn’t wreak havoc on your busy lifestyle!

And so you’ll be glad to know that the Alpha Mind System is designed to be as lean, flexible and easy to use as possible:

  • There is no filler. We dislike waffle and unnecessarily long books and courses as much as you do. Which is why every training audio, video and PDF contains only as much information and tools as you need.
  • Through decades of collective experience in mind enhancement training, we’ve mastered the science of creating a fun, easy-to-follow and intuitive learning experience that you’ll never find yourself struggling to keep up with.
  • Because of the modular nature of the program, you can use it at your own pace: whether you want to intensively absorb every level in a couple of weeks, or space it out by using it for just a few minutes a day. Just stay committed, and you’ll see results no matter how fast or slow you go.

The Alpha Mind System is more than just a program.
It’s a movement fuelled by people just like you.

From professionals and entrepreneurs... to housewives and retirees... to spiritual explorers and people who don’t fit in any box... the Alpha Mind System community is truly made up of people from all walks of life.

Every part of the Alpha Mind System experience is designed to encourage bonding and collaboration - from the chat spaces in every section of your private membership area, to engaging forum discussions.

When you tap into our vibrant community, you’ll get faster results and a richer personal growth experience. So go ahead and forge deep friendships and alliances. Help others and get help. And find inspiration in the many surprising ways people are elevating their lives with this technology.

But it’s only fair that we tell you this proposition is not for everyone...

The Alpha Mind System is priced at $97 for the digital version, which you can download to your computer and use right away. And $147 for a set of physical DVDs shipped to your doorstep wherever you are in the world.

Is this expensive?

Maybe when you compare it to the price of a book or ebook. Or to the free audios & videos you can find on sites like YouTube.

But when you look at what you’re getting in return, we believe it’s the best valued package you’ll find anywhere: online or offline. And the reason for that is simple:

What makes this program unique is its holistic approach to peak mental performance.

You get training from experts in the areas of brainwave entrainment, music and sound therapy, meditation, nutrition and even exercise, fitness and nutrition.

And every meditation session, every lesson, every tool and technique you’ll discover within... has been painstakingly crafted and arranged using advanced scientific, clinical and musical principles to tune your mind for optimal Alpha and Theta level functioning.

So what you’re really paying for when you order the Alpha Mind System is our guarantee: that you’ll avoid spending hundreds of hours on messy, pseudo-scientific ‘solutions’ that just don’t work.

Instead, our bona fide experts will tune your mind for deep & lasting results - minus the hassle. In record time. And in every area of your life that matters.

We honor our promises with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee

If you buy a nice suit from a reputable retailer and decide you don’t like it, you can easily claim a refund.

Even if it’s just because you change your mind. Or if your partner complains about how you look in it.

The exact same principle applies to the Alpha Mind System: we want you to try it, at zero risk, for up to 30 days.

And keep it if you love it - which we are certain you will.

If you don’t love it for any reason whatsoever, even if you just can’t find the time to use it, email us at moc.m1436314856etsys1436314856dnima1436314856hpla@1436314856pleh1436314856 for a full, no-strings-attached refund.

All we ask in return is a favor: tell us what you didn’t like about the program, so we can work towards making it even better.

In a survey of over 1,093 Alpha Mind System users,
73.2% of users give it a perfect score of 10/10

This is why we confidently encourage you to at least try the Alpha Mind System for yourself - even if other meditation or mind enhancement programs have never given you the results you need.

Especially because we’re the ones absorbing the risk - thanks to our unconditional try before you commit 30-day money back guarantee.

Just try the Alpha Mind System for a few minutes a day - and observe how our 4 proprietary technologies make you perform more creatively, energetically and intuitively at work and in your finances.

Feel the joy of deep sleep, a more stress-free lifestyle, and a healthier mind and body with a strengthened immune system.

And marvel at how your relationships and conversations starts improving, as more amazing people begin gravitating towards the new, magnetic you.

This is a tiny fraction of what happens once when you get the right guidance for living life at Alpha. So join the thousands of people we’re training at this very moment, and let us show you how.

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“A complete and total turn around for my son”

Brandi Eckert Thumbnail Photo

“ I am the mother of a 21 year old son, who has been suffering with bouts of severe ulcerative colitis for almost 2 years... I was stunned when I ran across Niraj, after reading his story and seeing the similarities between him and my son. I immediately bought his Alpha Mind program and introduced it to my son.

I wasted no time ordering the colostrum, making sure that I sought out the best quality possible (again, thanks to the information Niraj makes available, this was a breeze). It has been a complete and total turn around for my son - within a few weeks of taking the colostrum and diving a little deeper into different stress management techniques, he is a different person!

Thanks to Niraj and the courage he demonstrates by sharing his story so candidly, as well as his miraculous Alpha Mind program, I have my son back and I couldn't be more grateful! Since then I too, have also started using the Alpha Mind System with tremendous results - even my husband has shown an interest, after noticing the changes in both my son and myself. ”

- Brandi Eckert, Member

How to order and start using the Alpha Mind System

  • Choose between the physical or digital Alpha Mind System package, and click on ‘Check Out Now’.
  • You’ll immediately be redirected to a checkout page and asked to enter your payment and shipping details. This page is 100% secure and encrypted, and all your personal details are only stored for the purpose of completing your order.
  • Within minutes, we’ll email you with your login details and instructions to your private membership area. If you don’t receive this email, try checking your spam folder. If it’s still not there, just email us at moc.m1436314856etsys1436314856dnima1436314856hpla@1436314856pleh1436314856 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy the program! This one-time registration process shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Alpha Mind System?

The Alpha Mind System is a holistic mind, body and spirit enhancement program based on the work of doctors, scientists, brainwave experts and musicians.

What results should I expect once I start using the Alpha Mind System?

Imagine being able to upgrade your mind the same way you’d upgrade a car or a computer to be faster and more efficient. This in a nutshell is the effect the Alpha Mind System has on your inner and outer reality, as it conditions you to enter the Alpha and Theta levels at will, and ‘switch on’ your capacity for peak performance.

Once you start using the program, you’ll notice...

  • Stress and fatigue may no longer affect you as before - which means you can sleep better, relax better, and be more focused as you go about your daily routine.
  • Your capacity for creativity, intuition, memory and decision-making can skyrocket, so you can achieve peak performance more often at work and in your finances.
  • Your sense of connection to your loved ones, your surroundings and even your inner self may improve dramatically, so you can look forward to better conversations, less conflict and even a better intimate life with that special someone.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve never used a mind training system before. Will it be difficult?

One of our goals with the Alpha Mind System was to create a program that would be easy to use and transformational for both beginners and seasoned mind training enthusiasts.

That’s why every part of the program comes with instructions that are so clear and intuitive, that most of the time all you need to do is listen, follow along and be present. It may take a few tries to feel results with some of the tools and exercises - but based on our experience with tens of thousands of students, your mind can adapt to them quickly.

I’ve tried other mind enhancement tools/systems/audios. How is this any different?

The most important difference between this system and any other that you’ll find online (or offline) is that the Alpha Mind System is based on the work of doctors, scientists, sound engineers and musicians, and its pharmacist founder Niraj Naik - who recovered naturally from a chronic stress related illness using the same combination of techniques found in the program. You’ll be hard pressed to find this level of collective credibility anywhere else in this field.

By pooling our wisdom together, we’ve been able to create our own technology using sound scientific principles... and piece it all together in a first of its kind step-by-step mind enhancement system anyone can use to elevate their life in surprising ways. We’re confident you won’t find any other mind enhancement system that provides this level of user friendliness and scientifically proven, lasting, deep results.

“I like the sound of this, but how soon will I start seeing results?”

This largely depends on you and your learning style. Some people report feeling their stress and negativity melt away after just one meditation or audio session. For others, it takes a few tries to ‘get’ it.

Your brain is like a muscle in the sense where the more you train it, the stronger it gets. This is why people who continuously practice with the Alpha Mind System tend to enjoy progressively better results - from minor improvements in their mood, to better sleep, right up to the ability to channel creative thoughts on demand, and even greatly reducing emotional or physical pain brought on by illness.

“I’m a really busy person, so I’m not sure I’ll have time for this.”

Like anything worthwhile, the Alpha Mind System does take a certain level of commitment to get results. The good news is, it’s probably less time than you think.

You can go through the program at your own pace, so all you really need is 15 - 20 minutes a day to practice with the tools - perhaps in the morning after you wake up, or just before bed. You can even listen to some of the lecture tracks on your daily commute or when you’re jogging or in the bath.

The key here is consistency. After the initial learning phase, you only need to practice with your tools a few times a week to keep your mind ‘in shape’. It’ll all be more than worth it when you start noticing the subtle positive changes in your thoughts and actions that get more apparent as time goes by.

“What if I try the Alpha Mind System and change my mind? Can I get a refund?”

Yes. Your purchase comes with a 30-day unconditional cash back guarantee. Just email us at moc.m1436314856etsys1436314856dnima1436314856hpla@1436314856pleh1436314856 within this time if for whatever reason you’re not happy with the Alpha Mind System. Even if it’s because you just can’t find the time to use it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“AWESOME product MUCH higher quality than the MASS MARKET sellers of “spiritual” and stress relief stuff. IT WORKS”
Mike Evans, Member
I have been around sound therapy for several years, first with Holosync , The Life Program and now Prescription Audio, you have by far the best presentation”
Don Mace
I listened to your free sample, I had not slept that well in a few weeks and I woke refreshed; actually was surprised to feel that way; it had been so long
Connie Shoemaker, Member

Order the Alpha Mind System now.
Be the newest memberof our community.
And get started in just 5 minutes.

Alpha Mind System

  • Best Value Offer
  • Instant Online Access
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • $97

Alpha Mind System
on CD

  • All 7 Levels on CD
  • Free Delivery Worldwide
  • Includes Online Access
  • $147